Debunking The Myths: Why Saltwater Aquariums Aren’t As Difficult As You Thought

What instantly comes to mind when someone says saltwater aquarium? Do words like “difficult,” “high maintenance,” or “expensive” come up? We thought so.

You’re not alone. Many people share these same assumptions. In fact, for a long time, these assumptions held a lot of truth.  Saltwater aquariums DID involve a lot of time, effort, and money.

 Fortunately, the times, and just about everything else, have changed. Today’s saltwater aquariums can be easily set-up, maintained, and don prices that fit any budget.

Here are a couple of saltwater aquarium myths debunked by local San Antonio aquarium experts, Aquatic Interiors:

Myth 1: “Saltwater Aquariums Are Difficult To Keep”

To be completely honest, ALL aquariums can be “difficult” at one time or another. It takes a lot of dedication, time, and diligence to keep everything running smoothly – no matter what size or type of aquarium you keep.

That being said, yes, saltwater aquariums can be difficult at times. But by utilizing the latest aquarium products/tools and consulting aquarium resources online, saltwater aquariums are now no more difficult to set up or maintain than a freshwater aquarium.

However, it is important to be aware that saltwater aquariums use completely different products and have somewhat different protocols than freshwater aquariums. It is always best to educate yourself or consult with a retailer who sells saltwater aquariums before you begin a set-up.

Myth 2: “Saltwater Aquariums Aren’t For Everyone”

This is anything but the truth. If you want to display a beautiful and mystifying piece of the ocean in your home or business, by all means – go for it!

Just be sure to do your own research online or speak with a retailer who sells saltwater aquariums in San Antonio before you buy. This will help you understand how saltwater aquariums operate and the steps necessary to keep your new marine landscape thriving.

Myth 3: “Saltwater Aquariums Are Too Expensive”

This myth could be partly true depending on the angle. Saltwater aquariums and their products now come in prices that fit any budget. The increase in demand for saltwater aquariums over the last couple of decades has caused retailers and manufacturers alike to offer consumers a variety of choices when it comes to the aquariums and their associated products.

Nonetheless, saltwater aquariums can be very expensive if you include the price of buying extremely exotic marine life. If you wish to display and keep a rare fish, you are going to have to pay more; a lot more. Some fish can run up to $10,000!

If extremely exotic fish just aren’t your thing, then no, saltwater aquariums aren’t “too expensive” and you can find fish AND an aquarium that won’t upset your wallet.