The Most Common Horse Jumps Seen at Shows

Owning a horse is a ton of fun and hard work. Training your horse to become a champion requires lots of practice a little bit of skill. Participating in horse shows can be a fun and rewarding event for you and your horse.

Here are some common jumps you can train your horse to do.

horse jump


Take on multiple fences with the bounce jump. A contest based on horse jump Virginia doesn’t allow for the horse to hit a stride. The horse essentially bounces over the various fences. These jumps get more complicated the more fences needed to jump over.


A pair of verticals are near each other. The jump therefore is widened based on the distance between the verticals. This is a more advanced jump requiring a fair amount of skill to master.


Ideal for beginners to advanced riders, the combination requires a series of jumps in a row. Each consists of two or three jumps with enough room for the horse to take a stride between the jumps.


Forget about the space for a stride, a vertical jump uses poles placed on top of each other vertically. Each bar has no space between it.


This more advanced jump uses uneven poles. The set of three poles have different heights. Often the center of the three jumps is higher than the outer two.


A decorative wall made of brick or stone is used for the horse to jump over. While they may look heavy, these are merely decorated for look but are in fact made of lightweight materials. The lighter materials help the horse avoid injury during an accident.


Approach the jumps from downhill or uphill. Beginners may want to do the uphill approach since it is easier for the horse. Each jump goes from one level to another.

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