Cat Boarding is Purrfect

When you want to find luxury cat boarding for your beloved kitty “family member“, you can choose an “inn” that caters beautifully to everything that your dear pet needs or wants in a full-service pet resort. There are many luxury amenities as well as caring friendly pet care professionals there to be sure to provide the utmost in safety, comfort, pampering, and happiness for your pet.

Feline guests can enjoy standard or window penthouse deluxe multi-leveled cat condos that are truly ranked as the “cat’s meow” located in a beautiful 14,400 square foot facility that exceeds current standards for pet care. There is central heat and air conditioning with a back-up generator as well as a 24-hour fire, smoke, and security. An air filtration system enables fresh air to change every four minutes. There is canine playground equipment and cushioned non-skid play floors rather than bare concrete that might be hard on your cat’s paws.

puffectThe spacious 3’ x 3’ x 7’ condos also include luxurious bedding, premium meals as many as three times a day, various levels of play, napping and climbing areas, glass fronts on the condo which has a view that is unobstructed for your cat’s visual entertainment, a hidden litter box area, gourmet snacks, and more.

If you have a special needs pet who needs extra TLC care, its individual dietary needs can be accommodated and owner-provided medications will be given as requested. When you find luxury cat boarding extra feeding times and extra potty breaks can be scheduled, and, if necessary, private play rather than group play can be arranged.

The Paw Print Inn is an excellent example of an accommodation that pampers your cat as a welcome guest and caters to every whim. At the same time they keep the precious one bathed, groomed, well fed, exercised, and shown loving care. The cat’s owners are welcome to come and tour the facility in Novi, Michigan, before making arrangements. They are also able to see their pet on a webcam and keep track of what is going on while they themselves are on vacation. Pet owners are given peace of mind at a reasonable price.