How to Care for Your Obese Dog Now That Going Out is Not Really an Option?

As long as your dog can jump onto the sofa or run around in your backyard, then it is happy. It’s highly unlikely that your dog will care about being overweight or not and why should it?

Well, you as the pet parent should be wary of your dog’s weight. According to recent statistics, close to 60% of all dogs are actually overweight.

caring your dog

As if that’s not enough, half of all overweight dogs are obese. These statistics should cause alarm to any dog owner since obesity is basically one of the most common and dangerous health conditions in dogs.

Obesity can cause a host of problems from your dog, from arthritis to metabolic disorders. One of the best ways to manage obesity is through regular exercise. However, with the current global lockdown, exercising is out of the question for most dog owners.

So, how can you successfully help your dog avoid an overweight body? Since exercising is out of the question for a vast majority of the folks, diets such as Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Diet are the best if not the only option.

This diet comes with optimal protein fat ratios allowing your dog to shade excess fats and not muscles. These tips will help you put your dog in shape even during lockdowns:

Reduce the Calorie Intake

If you are a dog owner, you probably know that excessive calories without enough energy nutrients in a diet are simple recipes for an overweight dog.

Therefore, cutting down on the amount of calories consumed by your dog is the first step to ensuring that it loses weight. And since your dog will be spending most of its time indoors with you during this period, there are high chances that your dog will actually require a lot of food.

The good news is that you can always find relevant information about portion sizes on all dog foods. These guidelines give a clear indication of what to expect in any meal. This way, you can always cut down on the portion sizes that you give to your dog.

Although this transition may seem tough to your dog, always remember that your dog’s weight is imperative to its overall health. You might as well feel pity for your dog, but ensure to resist the urge of overfeeding your dog.

Cut Down on Carbs and Focus on Protein Intake

Since the dog food industry is filled with a number of brands, most of them have less nutrition and high on calories. This makes it hard for you to identify a dog food that is best suited to reducing weight while ensuring that your dog is full of energy.

If you are a dog owner and are facing this problem, then this is the best time to focus on foods that are actually high in protein and low in carbohydrates. But how can you know what to pick? Ensure to always consult with your veterinarian. This way, you will have a clear idea of what to look for in a low-carb and high protein dog food once you hit the market.

Consider a Healthy Fiber Diet

Apart from increasing your dog’s protein intake, you should also consider feeding your dog foods rich in fiber. You can decide to buy whole foods that are high in fiber or simply add healthy snacks that are high in fiber, to your dog’s diet.

A simple and inexpensive way to do this during the lockdown period is to offer your dog carrots or fresh apples. Dogs love such bites. However, if your dog isn’t big fun of such snacks, you can as well offer other alternatives such as plain canned pumpkins.

Regularly Offer Your Dog Water

Dogs aren’t that far alike from humans. Dogs, just like humans, will often prefer to feed when they are actually thirsty. The bad news is that you can differentiate and control the urge to eat instead of quenching your thirst, but your dog can’t.

The simple way to help your dog manage this urge is by ensuring that its water bowl is always full. Apart from ensuring that your dog is always hydrated, offering your dog clean, fresh water always goes a long way in ensuring that your dog maintains its body weight at a healthy level.

Avoid Food for Rewards

If you are used to rewarding your dog with food, then you should use this lockdown to do away with this norm. Instead, replace the food with something fun.

While this is highly recommended, replacing the habit of handing your dog food for a job well done can be daunting. However, if you want to ensure that your dog becomes fit, ensure to develop fun ways to reward your dog instead.