5 Tips to Care for Your Horses in Winter

Did you know that over two million Americans own at least one horse?

If you’re a new horse owner and you live in a colder climate, then you might be wondering how to take care of horses in winter so you can make sure they stay comfortable. The good news is that taking care of horses in winter is simple, as long as you do some research.

So what do you need to do to help your horse through this chilly season? Keep reading for 5 tips that will keep your horse healthy and happy.

1. Give Your Horse a Cozy Blanket

Do horses get cold as long as they have a nice shelter? During the winter, many horses benefit from wearing a blanket so they can continue to enjoy outdoor time.

Since this item can vary in quality, it’s important to find the perfect horse blanket that will keep them warm and prevent them from getting wet as well.

2. Make Sure Their Water Isn’t Frozen

One of the most important winter care tips for horses is to keep a close eye on their water supply. The worst thing that could happen is that their water gets frozen in their bucket so they’re unable to drink.

It’s also worth noting that water that’s too close to freezing temperatures can cause digestive issues in horses, so you should try to keep their water at a temperature that’s neither too hot nor cold.

3. Provide Extra Hay for Horses in Winter

Horses love to graze on grass whenever it’s available, which can keep feeding costs low as long as you have plenty of field space. However, if you live somewhere that gets snow or it’s too cold for the grass to grow, their food supply will be limited.

As a result, you’ll have to supplement their diet with extra hay.

4. Protect Their Hooves From Snowballs

Experienced horse owners recommend rubbing petroleum jelly on horse hooves so they have a protective barrier. If the snow gets stuck in the grooves of their hooves, it can attract more snow and cause them to walk on snowballs.

This effect gets amplified if the horses wear shoes, so it’s best to remove them altogether or buy pads to cover the shoes.

5. Buy a Mineral Salt Block

Grass contains lots of nutrients that your horse needs. While hay can help keep them full during the winter, they’ll need supplements to avoid deficiencies.

Giving them a mineral salt block should be all they need to stay healthy during these colder months.

How Do Horses Stay Warm? Now You Know the Facts

Taking care of horses in winter does require more effort, but their beautiful companionship is always worth the effort. By following this guide on how to keep horses warm during the winter, you can have peace of mind that you’re giving your horse everything it needs to thrive.

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