Bunny Cages and Rabbit Hutches: Look Before You Buy One

If you really want to gift your bunny a good house then you must surely have a good look at all the options. There are different bunny cages available these days and most of them are properly built in order to make the bunnies live peacefully.

It is not always good to provide your bunny with big spaces. It would be good to keep them confined. They are extremely naughty and have the habit of dirtying the areas badly. This in the popular notion we have. However, this is not true. Rabbits and other dwarf pets need lots of space to stay.

bunny in cage
bunny in cage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the kind of bunny cages you are to purchase must be extremely roomy so that the pet can have lots of space to play and move about. In most cases a bunny house will come with plenty of provisions and you must also provide with a litter box inside the bunny house.

Inside the house you would find three more things. You would have two bowls for food and a bottle to keep water. It is also good that you arrange for your bunny’s entertainment. In fact, it is your duty to keep you pet happy and delighted.

However, you can opt for both indoor rabbit cages as well as outdoor rabbit cages. In case you do not have an exterior part of the house where you can arrangements for your bunny, you must plan to keep the cage indoors.

Hutches are kinds of cages which are meant to be kept outside. The concept is extremely traditional. Previously pets like rabbits were never kept inside the house. They were meant to stay outside. Accordingly the hutches were prepared and they were made cozier with hay and other materials.

However, it is always good to go for cheap rabbit hutches. There are so many varieties available in the market and you must always go for the cheaper ones. Rabbi hutches are surely different from the indoor cages. Hutches are always prepared keeping in mind the safety of the pets. However, the cage for the interior is very easy.

Within the house, most of the time the rabbits stay out of the cage as they would love to move about with the family members in several parts of the house. Aesthetics should always be your priority when choosing an indoor cage for the pet. The cage must look good as you cannot have something which would not go so well with the rest of the house.

If you are looking to have cheap rabbit hutches then you must surely go for the wooden made hutches. Hutches are comparatively cheap as the indoor rabbit cages most of the time come with metal structure.

Make sure about the size of the hutch when making the purchase. However, the cage should neither be too large or small. First, you must count the number of rabbits you are planning to have within the cage. This is the deciding factor in selecting a hutch of the right size.