Border Terrier Breed of Small Dogs

If you are looking for a small breed of dog then you can just look for Border Terrier. This specific breed of dogs belongs to terrier group. The dogs are rough coated and are small in size. They have a broad skull and a short muzzle.

Border terrier

Border terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Border terrier dogs are popular for their strong muzzle with a scissors bite. The coat color of Terrier breed dogs are blue-and-tan, grizzle-and-tan, wheaten or red. Border terrier puppies have V-shaped ears that fall towards the cheeks and look cute. If you have a look at the tail of Border Terrier dogs, you will find that the tail is short, thick and tapering.

The dogs of Terrier breeds are loved by almost all pet lovers. If you are having a dog of this breed then it is always suggested to go for the weekly brushing of their coat. Generally you will find Border Terriers with short hairs as they are groomed with tiny hairs and are loved that way by their owners. Some pet owners may even like to keep their Border Terriers with long hairs.

Border Terrier Temperament

Usually, it is seen that the dogs of Terrier breeds are friendly in nature. They love to play with children and get along easily with other dogs. This small dog breed is so calm and friendly and it is often seen that small children like to play with Border terrier puppies and spend a good time with them.

This is one small dog breeds that do well in task oriented activities. The ability of Border terriers to run fast and jump high separates them from other breeds. The breed being intelligent, it is always better to train your dog on command. This can best be done in the young age itself.

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