Best Tips to stop your dog peeing in the house

Do your dog urine inside home? Generally there are 2 reasons why a dog pee in the home – first for relief and second is he marks his territory in the home. You can stop your dog from peeing inside home by applying the following tips:


  • If your dog sleeps inside home, then give water earlier in the evening and take him outside to pee before you go to bed.
  • Dog may pee more often when it feels some kind of insecurity within the family. So, be more affectionate and attentive towards the dog.
  • Start training your dog from its young age. Teach him to pee outside so that he won’t develop the habit of peeing inside. When the dog lifts his leg to urine, prevent him with a loud voice to get his attention and command ‘no’. Keep in mind not to hit or shout the dog as this may collapse his confidence and make him to start marketing often. Watch your do as much time as you can and continue ‘NO’ command until he breaks down the habit. Of course, it may take many days or weeks to see the results.
  • Clean your dog’s free pee immediately but avoid using detergents that include ammonia as it may make dogs to think that it is the smell of another dog and he mark the place with his pee. Use equal amounts of water and vinegar and use this mix to clean the area. Vinegar can best remove the scent.
  • Use a cloth to wipe up the urine and take the cloth and wipe it into an outside object like tree. This can tempt your dog to mark outside more regular.
  • Check whether your dog has Urinary Tract Infection as it may cause it never pee.

Well, these are a few things you can try to stop your dog peeing in the house. Besides, there are many other tips and tactics to follow. Go on and let your dog out of this horrible habit!!

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