Best Remedies for Canine Arthritis

Have you found out that your dog is suffering from arthritis? Then, definitely you must sort out the methods which are going to ease your dog’s pain. You cannot see your dog with such discomfort as he must be one of your family members by now. Here are some measures which will definitely ease your dog.


Doctors will be giving a dose of painkiller to your dog which will reduce the pain. But let us see something of a long term relief.

  1. Alternate ice and hot packs will reduce the pain and swelling to a considerable amount. Ice application can be given at first and can be given for 3 minutes and simultaneous hot application can be given for about 5 minutes. This can be repeated for 5 times.
  2. Take your dog for swimming which will work as a perfect aqua exercise. Otherwise normal exercises will also help him a lot.
  3. Physical therapy is also one of the best option for relieving dog’s pain. It consists of packs, massages and passive exercises.
  4. The diet is also very important to the dogs when they are suffering from the joint pain. Dogs also need an omega fatty acid rich food which will help in improving their condition. The weight of the dog should be checked often to see that the dog is not becoming overweight or underweight. Losing weight is a very bad sign in dogs which indirectly shows that there is some serious problem to which immediate attention is needed.
  5. The important thing is that out of unconditioned love when a dog is suffering from severe pain; wait for a veterinarian doctor to prescribe medicines. Do not give him medicines which you use as a pain killer. Sometimes it may be toxic to the dog also. Don’t keep trying out all the home remedies which work out for you. It may finally stress your dog and it may not take anything further. is a good site to check out if you need to get more information regarding canine arthritis and treatment.


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