Best Food for German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd dog has a really powerful muscular body with a large food appetite.

Since it has a German origin, it grabbed its first popular image during World War I because of its incredible courage, strength, loyalty & intelligence.

After the war, this breed established its position as the world’s most popular dog.

German Shepherd Dog

Why Own a German Shepherd Dog?

It is an extremely playful and fun-loving animal which makes this breed a darling & a perfect companion.

A German shepherd is a quick learner, therefore, the owner is well-assured to have a trained dog, as it responds well during the training sessions.

But it’s not easy to own a German shepherd because along with all its intelligence & strength, this breed has a delicate digestive system.

Making your German Shepherd Active

You can, however, help your pet by indulging him in various activities like walking, jogging, playing and training. Getting him good toys to play can also help a lot in being active.

Activities like these will help in promoting good health for your pet.

Along with taking care of all the activities for german shepherd dogs, it requires regular diet monitoring.

Being knowledgeable and giving your pet the best food is important if you want them to be friendly and playful with you.

Best Foods for Your German Shepherd Dog

You cannot just feed it with any dog food, especially the puppies. Therefore it is very important to know about the right type of German shepherd puppy food.

Few pet owners prefer buying the best Holistic pet food for their German shepherd puppy as its all-natural.

Here’s a list of a few tips for your German shepherd –

  1. Rice & Ragi is good for the weak digestive system of this breed. Try to serve white rice instead of brown or red rice.
  2. Porridge – Oat porridge (plain) once in every week without sugar and salt will keep your dog active.
  3. Milk – Milk will help in maintaining the level of calcium and protect the tooth from decaying. It is recommended to provide milk to dogs, daily.
  4. Do not serve your dog with raw meat as it causes stomach infection and indigestion problems.
  5. Do not feed your dog with nuts. It can harm your dog. The salt concentration in nuts can lead to hair loss in case of German shepherds.
  6. If you want your dog to stay away from constipation then avoid giving him soy, wheat, corns, etc. These type of food items have starch which leads to constipation.