Benefits of Dog Agility

Some dog breeds require more exercise than others, and, while it is true that all dogs can participate in dog agility, some breeds will be better at it than others.

Dog agility refers to a competitive or casual canine sport in which a dog handler directs a dog through an obstacle course consisting of weave poles, tunnels, standard jumps, teeter-totters and pause tables. The goal is for the dog to complete course as fast and as accurately as possible.

K9-Dog-TrainingThe benefits of dog agility are countless and if you are looking for a fun and exciting way to bond with your dog outdoors in the fresh air, this is definitely something to consider.

The bond you have with your pooch will strengthen greatly through agility training because of the complexity in which the agility courses are laid out. Your dog would never be able to complete a dog agility course without your help and relies completely on your commands on what do to next. You are therefore both working as a team and in doing so, your bond strengthens.

In addition to bonding, dog agility training helps with obedience training because as your are helping your dog pass through the obstacle course, you are reinforcing basic commands that have been taught to him.

All that running around the agility course is an excellent workout for your dog, especially if you don’t have a large garden at home and don’t have the time to take him out on walks as well. Some breeds, especially Collies and Sheep Dogs, have excess energy to burn off and agility training is an extremely effective way in which this can be done. All that running around the agility course will help you burn a good few calories, too – talk about a double whammy!

Your own dog may be domesticated, but his distant ancestors hunted for food by chasing and running after it. Your dog still has this instinct and an agility course represents the obstacles that his forefathers navigated through to find their dinner. Allow your dog to express his inner wolf through agility training! Dog Training Raleigh NC ( offers brilliant agility training. Otherwise contact a reputable dog school in your own area.

Once your dog gets used to the dog agility course, you will notice that he becomes more alert, confident and more able to solve problems. He will also become more coordinated, have increased endurance and his overall health and physical fitness will be much improved.

While dog agility training has many positive benefits, it may not be for every dog. If your dog is younger than 1 year, you are advised to consult your veterinarian before embarking on a course. Similarly, if your dog is older than 8 years, it may be wiser to allow your dog to retire at a lazy pace.

Most breeds, however, simply love agility training and need little or no encouragement. If your canine appears to be unusually unenthusiastic, you may want to consider a low-impact agility training program.

Whatever the case, agility training is definitely something to consider for every dog owner!