Are dogs man’s best friends?

Well you often hear the phrase that the best friend of a man is a dog, but is it really so? And if yes, then why is that so? Well for years it has been seen that dogs are such animals, which are very, close to the human lives. There were many instances, which portrayed the, love of a dog for his master to be overwhelming. Also, it has been seen many times that dogs risk their own lives to save their master’s or the others close to him. Is there any scientific reason behind that?

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Dog Park_2009-03-09_IMG_2597.JPG (Photo credit: Jim’s Photos1)

What science says?

Well, in a recent study it has been found that the dog actually possesses some of the qualities which are human like. They have some amount of social skills, which enables them, to get related with human on an emotional level.

Not only that, the study has also shown that when the master or the closed one are in distress then the dogs also gets upset. They also go beyond their limit, to respond to the emotion of people. They show sympathetic concern towards their master.

So now you know the answer to your question, are dogs man’s best friends?

Now, is it true only for the trained dogs?

No, not only the trained dog, but it has been seen that the untrained dogs to respond to any kind of human emergencies. The dogs have the quality of being extremely loyal.

They also have been seen to stick to their masters, no matter what. According to many scientists, it is said that the dogs evolved from the wolves. In the earlier times, the human and wolves used to work very closely and had a great rapport. That rapport has been infiltrated in the dogs from the wolves. Whatever the reason may be, if you have a dog then you can be sure that he will always love you and be by your side.

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