Are all fish tanks safe?

It has long been considered dangerous and cruel to keep fish in bowls, as they are generally too small and cramped for the fish to live comfortably. Tanks are the sensible choice for people who are looking to keep fish as they usually have more room than a bowl. But does this mean that all fish tanks are safe?

fish tanks

Despite the consensus that fish tanks are a better choice than bowls, this isn’t always necessarily the case. The truth is that there are plenty of tanks out there that simply aren’t suitable for fish, especially tanks that prioritize style over functionality.

Tanks that are built like this can often sacrifice the space that the fish has to live comfortably for a strange design that looks interesting. Although not all corner fish tanks are dangerous, many of them don’t have enough room to properly accommodate fish and provide them with a comfortable environment to live in.

Of course, it’s important to remember that different fish require different types of tanks. For example, a Betta can live quite comfortably in a smaller tank, as they are used to these tight spaces. However, this still doesn’t excuse fishkeepers who keep Betta fish in cramped tanks, as like any animal they require a certain amount of space to live safely.

Although this is a serious issue, it has to be addressed that the majority of fishkeepers do strive to provide adequate comfort for their fish. The main reason that organizations like PETA continue to campaign against the keeping of fish in tanks is because of a small minority of owners who continue to neglect the safety and health of their fish.