Aquascaping: Bring out the creativity inside you

Aquascaping is the art of arranging an aquarium in an appealing manner, including the aquatic plants, stones, rocks, driftwood and cave work. In simple words, aquascaping is done underwater what we do in landscaping in our backyard.

You will obviously have fish to deal with an aquarium, but there are many aquascaping hobbyists who enjoy simply making a fish tank with wood, rocks and plants and never introduce fish!

Some enthusiasts use just plants while others put natural things to produce beautiful landscape effects within water.

Aquascaping is divided into two main styles;

Dutch style: This style features multiple layers of plants, kind of like how plants are arranged on stone steps. You will use various leaf colors, sizes and shapes and add plenty of plants to make an appealing texture. This style does not include a lot of other things, such as rocks, cave work or driftwood, but instead include many plants and how beautifully they are arranged to generate the desired effect.

Japanese style: This style simulates a traditional garden, means one that is on the ground. You will use highlights of a garden, such as lovely shaped rocks, driftwood and lots of plants of same species to craft a masterpiece. This style features limited colors and does not fully cover the landscape. Hence, the bottom of the tank would be visible.

If you put these two styles together, you will get the so-called Jungle style! This styles takes features of both designs and creates a jungle shade effect, hence the tank will look natural and untrimmed.

Today, aquascaping gets more popularity as many people are using their outside space as additional rooms. Visiting a reliable and reputed Singapore aquarium shop like Aquatic Avenue will give you some fair ideas about the latest arrivals for aquascaping.