7 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Dog Dander Allergies

While having a pet can be fun, uplift your mood and relieve your stress, putting up with pet dander is a tough part. In case you or someone in your family suffers from allergies then pet dander can make it really difficult to live in.

Below mentioned are 7 simple ways that can help how to get rid of dog dander allergies and make life simple and easier for you.

1- Clean surfaces carefully: the toughest challenge of pet dander is that it sticks and tend to stay in almost every place in your home.

Removing it ever now and then can help remove dander circulating in the air. There are various cleaning techniques that can be adopted to clean solid surfaces, furniture, curtains and carpets.

2- Give your pet a regular bath: It is true that most people tend to avoid giving a bathe to your pets; this is because in most cases pets hate it.

But lets’ face it, give your pet a regular bath, regular here means at least once in every week. This will help you gain considerable control over spread of dander.

3- Portable HEPA air purifier: Does it seem to be a nightmare to clean all the pet dander in your home by hand. Making use of air purifiers in your home can be an ideal practice to reduce pet dander circulating in the air. This shall also considerably cut down your need to clean your room often.

A HEPA purifier works by pulling pet dander circulating in the air and trapping it inside the filter. Once the dander enters the filter, the filter is then sealed thereby ensuring that it does not return back to the air or fall back on furniture or drapes.

4- Consider hypoallergenic pet: Getting a hypoallergenic or non-allergenic pet that sheds less dander as compared to other breeds is another good way to keep your allergies at bay.

You may either consider getting a pet like reptile and fish or you can consider getting dogs that don’t shed. A good idea is to borrow a hypoallergenic pet from your friends or relatives (if they have) for a week or two so that you know how comfortable you feel with them.

5- Make use of dander remover spray: A dander spray can come to your aid. Dander sprays are made of natural enzymes and help in eliminating pet dander thereby reduce odor.

This type of spray can be of great help if you have guests visiting your place allergic to pet dander.

6- Focus on your bedroom: Now this is important and need your utmost attention; especially if you have kids who are prone to allergies.

Cover all your pillows, bed and mattresses using an allergen free cover. While allergen free covers only provide you additional protection, it is always advised to vacuum clean your house.

7- Taking your medications: Taking your allergy medications well on time is most important and you should not forget this at any cost.

See your doctor regularly to keep a check on your allergy conditions and get a prescription of the best medicines that can control it all the time.