5 Top Tips for Buying a Horse Rug

Knowing where to shop to ensure you not only get the best prices when buying equestrian equipment, but as well do not sacrifice quality in order to do so can be difficult. To make the task easier, here are five top tips for buying a horse rug.

1# Keep an Eye Out for Online Deals

Owning a horse is no small investment. Then, saving money when and where possible is not only prudent, but often necessary. That said, the search for a great deal can lead horse owners to end up actually wasting money on equestrian equipment that simply fails to provide the quality to do the job, or last.

Hence, it is important to only ever shop via a credible, established and respected specialist such as UK based Derby House, whose website also features an invaluable sizing guide to ensure the rug you buy is not only the right kind but equally importantly the right size for the horse in question.

Shopping online (via an established and verified equestrian supply company) can stand to save you a surprising amount of money due to the simple reality that online supply stores needn’t factor into their prices many of the overheads incurred when running a high street store – including rent, utilities and council tax here in the UK.

2# Pay Attention to Expert Advice

Another great way to use the internet to your advantage when looking to purchase equestrian supplies and specialist equipment, such as horse rugs, is to take note of the advice provided via respected equestrian ezines and websites.

Many if not most magazines which can be purchased in stores run their own websites where they regularly publish online lo-downs and reviews of the most recent and best equipment to be aware of.

The Horse and Hound Magazine website, for example, features many horse rug guides (from what to buy to how to keep a horse rug clean) which are all well worth giving a going over before parting with your hard earned cash, especially when buying something as important as a horse rug which could make the difference between owning a healthy and happy horse and an overly hot, cold or uncomfortable one.

3# Know Your Rugs

For the reasons already provided and quite simply because a horse is a living thing that as such deserves to be kept comfortable whether in the stable, a horse box or the field, it is of paramount importance to only ever buy a horse rug when you have first taken the time to do your research.

Cooler rugs, turnout rugs, fly rugs, exercise rugs, fleece rugs…there are so many types of horse rug out there that the choice can cause as much confusion as it can clear up.

Hence, to prevent getting your horse the wrong rug, first give the Farm and Pet Place Blog a visit; the website provides a guide to all of the rugs you need to know about as a horse rider and owner here in the UKif you are not well versed in buying horse rugs.

4# Understand Rug Weights

Horse rugs do not only come in a wide range of types; they are also made and sold in a wide range of weights. This ensure horses whatever their size, the thickness or clip of their coat, where they are and weather conditions do not impact on their health or well-being. A horse rug, after all, is one of the primary means of keeping a horse temperate.

Then, understanding the different classifications of horse rug weights and deniers available is of paramount importance before investing in any type of horse rug. Fortunately, if you are not familiar with horse rug weights, you can quickly become so by giving the Ebay Horse Rug Buying Guide a read through.

5# One Size Does Not Fit All

As aforementioned, it is imperative to measure a horse ahead of buying a rug of any kind. That is only the beginning of things you will need to consider in respect to rugging a specific horse appropriately though.

Beyond getting the right size of horse rug, and in order to buy the right weight and denier rug you, will need to take both a horse’s age and as well how closely its coat is clipped into careful consideration.

Then, to continue your research into and broaden your understanding of horse rugs and so gain a deeper knowledge of what to opt for, continue your reading via the Equestrian Buzz Blog Guide to Horse Rugs.