5 Tips On How To Dress Your Chihuahua During Winter

Winter is one of the worst foes of Chihuahuas. The dog does not grow hair or fur like Huskies for protection against extreme winters. This is why it is important for you to keep the small pooch covered as Chihuahuas easily get cold.

Chihuahua During Winter

It’s equally important to provide them with the best food for Chihuahua to keep them healthy. Here are 5 tips on how to dress your Chihuahua during winter.

1.     What to Choose – Coat or Sweater?

Dog coats are available in the market in a number of colors. These coats are either made of plastic or their outer part is made of plastic and inner part is made of wool. These coats are amazing to protect your Chihuahua from heavy rain, snowfall, and winter breeze. But sweaters are more popular among Chihuahua owners as these are lighter in weight and more comfortable for the pet.

2.     Should You Put Boots on It?

Many people put boots on their Chihuahuas. This is not a fashion statement but a necessity to protect your pet from stones, pebbles, and ice. Chihuahua boots are specially manufactured. The cushion of these boots absorbs foot strain making walk more comfortable and easier for the pet. Boots also keep foot muscles and bones warm and protect them against harsh winter. Therefore, you should always put boots on it when going out.

3.     Is Fancy the Right Choice?

The Chihuahua is one of the most intelligent dog breeds that easily encounters a problem and fights against it by biting or scratching. Dog coats and jackets with embellishments look really nice and pretty but may also easily make the pet uncomfortable, furthermore, the Chihuahua may try to bite the embellishments off. Therefore, make sure to purchase the correct sized clothes without embellishments to make the dress comfortable for it.

4.     How to Measure Winter Clothes?

Size and comfort are the most important factors in clothing that matter for your Chihuahua. We have already discussed the factor of comfort in the third point. For measuring the clothes, the right way is to put the measuring tape from the top of the Chihuahua’s spine to the end of its tail. To measure the chest, put the measuring tape around the largest part of ribcage. Finally, measure the length of neck and legs.

5.     Should I Buy Snapbacks or Pullovers?

As a general rule, a pullover is not a comfortable choice for your Chihuahua. But these are not worrisome for some pets. Purchase pullovers only if your pet is comfortable with it. Otherwise, snapbacks should always be your first priority.

Make sure that your Chihuahua is fully covered in winter so that you do not have to spend money at the vet.