5 Best Pet Dog Care Tips

For every dog owner taking the best care of their adorable companion is a vital point. Your pet will depend on you for everything, starting from love to nourishment as well as companionship.

However, these creatures are happy for less and all you need is to give them the attention and take the right steps at the right time.

Here are some tips that can help you to ensure the best for your pet dog.



1- Vaccinate regularly:

This is vital for every dog, no matter how small or how big is the one you own.

For optimal health of pets, getting them vaccinated against illnesses like rabies, canine hepatitis, feline leukemia and distemper is important.

The time when they need the vaccination often varies depending on the age as well as the lifestyle of the pet.

Hence, consulting with the doctor or a pet sitting and walking service that is aware of the conditions, on the same at frequent intervals is important.

If you want you can also make use of a dog kennel software that can help you manage all the tasks related to your pet grooming, training, boarding, daycare, and much more.

2- Ensure a healthy diet:

To ensure that your dog is at the best of health providing him with a proper balanced and nutritious diet is important. Dog diet should be low in fat and sugar, and high in protein.

The diet can vary depending on the age, size, and species of the dog. Adding vitamin and calcium tablets to their diet as required can also be a great idea to ensure their best fitness.

3- Make them play and exercise:

For a healthy mind and body, playing and exercising regularly is vital for dogs. You can easily take out 30 minutes of your day to play with your dog in the garden.

Outdoor games can actually keep your dog healthy and happy.

In case you are not able to give the time, you can opt for services for pet sitting and walking, offered by many dog lovers, and often free of cost.

4- Clean your dog regularly:

Cleaning your dog regularly is important to ensure that no parasite is able to thrive on his fur.

Bathing your dog regularly is not necessary, but combing his furs with a wide brush on every alternate day can actually keep the coat of your dog healthy and shiny, adding to his wellbeing.

Also, consider cleaning his teeth and ears at regular intervals. Shaping their nails at least once in a month is also important.

5- Provide a healthy environment:

Dogs are highly affectionate. They easily become a part of the family, and the environment in which they are kept actually affects their wellbeing.

Ensuring a proper place to eat and sleep for your dog is vital. There should be proper ways to keep your dog warm in colder days, while in summers you should arrange a place that is cold enough to their likings.

If you are going out of the town for the day and you cannot take your puppy with you call for a reliable Pet Sitting and Walking service that can ensure a good company of your dog for the whole day.

In case you notice any abnormal behavior in your dog, consult the doctor immediately as it might be just the beginning of some health issue that can be checked easily with proper medical attention at the right time.

About the author: The author is a proud pet parent with 4 dogs and 2 cats under his regimen.

He highly suggests the Pet Sitting and Walking services in case you are not able to take your dog out daily for a walk.