3 Top Tips for Helping Your Dog Get a Great Night’s Sleep

If your dog is struggling to settle at night or sleep in all probability so too are you, its owner. Then, to help both of you get a great night’s sleep, here are 3 top tips.

  1. Avoid Making a Dog’s Dinner of the Nigh Time Routine

One common mistake dog owners make, especially new dog owners, is in failing to make the connection between a dog’s eating and sleeping routine. Fortunately the equation is an easy one: a good eating routine equals a good sleeping routine in most cases.

Dogs, just like humans, like to know what is going on; having a routine when it comes to eating helps a dog to feel secure and prevents them from fearing or becoming anxious over where their next meal is coming from.

After all, a kid or partner can be told dinner is running late, but a dog does not understand this; they just know when they are hungry. Over time and presented with a stable and solid eating schedule a dog will also grow to feel hunger and expect food at the times they are used to receiving their meals, hence a deviation from this routine can result in restlessness and confusion that can have a knock on effect come bedtime.

Then, and as most dogs are fed twice daily, ensure to establish a schedule and stick to it from day one. And make sure they aren’t sent to bed with a stomach that is too full and still busy digesting dinner.

Finally, for new dog owners who are struggling to implement, establish or stick to an eating schedule for their pup and / or get them to sleep through the night (and in their own bed) the Pet MD website features a really informative Feeding Schedule for Puppies Guide along with example schedules to help owner’s to avoid making a dog’s dinner out of their ups mealtimes.

  1. Why Dog Tired Doesn’t Always Make Falling Asleep Easy

A great way (and arguably one of the best ways) to get even a hyperactive dog to sleep is to ensure they get a good few walks and plenty of exercise throughout the day. If giving a dog a decent daily workout or two isn’t doing the trick though or your dog seems reluctant to even go to its bed, consider the possibility that the bed might need replacing.

It is surprisingly common that a dog has grown tired of its sleeping quarters or its bed has simply become worn and tired out. This is something that owners don’t always realise, especially in cases when a basket / mattress or base is hidden beneath a blanket or throw.

Then, keep an eye on your dog’s bed just as you do your dog, and should your dog seem to be outgrowing its bed or the bed seems to be giving up the ghost, act; better yet, to give yourself some incentive to replace your dog’s bed sooner rather than later and turn the expense into a fun shopping experience, opt to change things up by exploring your options; as proved by the likes of UK based luxury dog bed manufacturers, Pet Luxury, dog beds and shopping for them needn’t be boring. Rather, there is today a pretty exciting array of choices out there to suit all dogs, homes and budgets.

  1. Let’s Talk Doggy Do…and Doggy Don’ts

Last but not least, if your dog is restless come bed time or leaving you rather pongy presents to discover come morning, before punishing your pooch fortheir ‘bad’ behaviour, question your own; areyou remembering every night without fail to let your dog out and even encouraging them to go out to do their business ahead of hitting the hay? If not, it isn’t your dog’s behaviour that needs addressing.

Just like us humans, no dog is happy about going to bed with a full bladder or being denied the right to relieve themselves before bedding down. So, just as you wouldn’t prevent your kids or partner from using the loo before bed, never deny your dog this right; rather, and even if your dog doesn’t seem very motivated to go out, encourage them to do so anddo so every night. Whilst this might not prevent every accident or improve your dog’s sleeping habits in the short term, creating and establishing a routine in the long term almost always improves both situations, if not cure them.

Further, and finally, for those unsure as to whether their dog is restless because it needs the loo or something else is going on come bedtime, give the Quick and Dirty Tips website Signals that Your Dog Needs a Toilet Break Guide a going through – and when in doubt, contact your vet.