10 Halloween costume ideas inspired by animals

<p>Go wild this year in these amazing animalistic Halloween costume ideas. In these cute, cuddly and crazy costumes, superheroes and celebrities will look so last Halloween! Get ready to growl, prowl, howl, scamper, sniff, purr and pitter-patter with a cute animal Halloween costume ideas:</p>

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 <p>Adults<br />

Halloween isn’t just for the kids and in these animal inspired costumes you’ll settle that score once and for all! Imagine heading to your Halloween party in a sexy zebra costume – who knew that was possible? Or getting to go out to a party in an animal onesie? Animals are one of the top <a href=”mailto:http://www.spirithalloween.com/”>costume ideas for the 2014 season</a>.</p>

 <p>Many women love to model their halloween costume ideas around a cute animal theme. Usually, this means a slinky dress or bodysuit in an appropriate colour or texture, a tail, and a set of ears. Mice, bunnies, snakes, otters, cats, puppies, and peacocks are just a few of the cute and sexy animals you can dress up as on halloween.</p>

 <p>Or, choose something that’s simply going to make your friends laugh. Grab a cow or elephant onesie, or team up with a friend to go as “Alice the Camel – one being the front of the camel, and the other person being the back legs and the hump! It’s definitely one of the more original halloween costume ideas!</p>


 <p>Wrap your cuddly creatures in their very own cuddly creature costumes this Halloween! Trick or Treating in their costumes doesn’t have to be an issue this year when they’re wearing any of the pajama-style animal costumes available from various online websites. Even as the temperature begins to drop your little one will be geared up and ready to get door-knocking.</p>

 <p>Animal costumes are perfect for children as the range out there can be greatly overwhelming – if your son or daughter has a favourite animal it will definitely help in choosing your costume ideas this Halloween. The toughest part of all will be helping them pick whatever their favourite animal costume might be – mine is an adorable cow costume, and for the really tiny toddlers, the baby kangaroo is cuter than can be!</p>


 <p>You cannot possibly find any better Halloween costume ideas that are animal inspired than those designed from your very own animals! There is nothing to say Halloween isn’t just for the humans in your family, so this year think about costumes for your furry friends as well. The Animal Planet brand available through the Spirit Halloween website has a range of absolutely adorable animal inspired costumes for your canine comrade – ranging from a butterfly to a dinosaur. Imagine how great you’ll all look in your family Halloween photos, or when your pooch runs to the front door to great Trick or Treaters. Animal inspired pet costumes are a must this Halloween!</p>

<p>Don’t have to money to make your own animal costume? You can DIY your own using these <a href=”mailto:http://www.pinterest.com/explore/animal-costumes/”>fun ideas on Pinterest</a>.</p>

<p>This Halloween draw inspiration from the wild side of life and you’ll be sure to have one truly awesome Hallows Eve. </p>