Why should Adopt a pet from a shelter before buying from a breeder?

Many people think that adopted or rescued dogs are less than breed dogs. Well, this is a misconception that you must avoid from your mindset. There are many reasons and benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter before you buy from a breeder.

Save money

With a fraction of cost that you spend to buy a pet from a breeder, you can adopt a pet from a shelter. Besides the vaccination and medical care, shelters give you information on how to care for pets, how to introduce the new one to other animals at home and how to manage behavioral issues.

A healthy pet is provided

Shelters provide their animals with necessary vaccination, healthy food and neuter them before adoption. Hence, pets from a shelter will be happy and healthy.  Besides these, shelters are careful about the temperament of the animals as well, so they can find the perfect owners possible. Many pet owners take on pets before they are ready, without right information and experience. However, if you adopt a pet from a shelter, animals get the opportunity to find appropriate owners who will be careful on everything related to their pets.

Save a life

Most animals that are homeless are great pets that had owners who faced many obstacles that made keeping the pet with him impossible. Rescued pets however are wonderful animals that should be given a chance to live and love.

A great buddy

Pets immediately become man’ best friends. They make you smile and love you unconditionally. Having a pet is proven to help with depression and loneliness. Besides, it decreases cholesterol and blood pressure.

Don’t support puppy mills

Puppy mills receive numerous bad presses, these days. These mills invest profits over the welfare of pets, meaning the pets are treated cruelly and kept in cages. Pet stores purchase these puppy mill pets and you buy from the stores. You are not aware that you are actually supporting the puppy mills. Therefore, adopt a pet from a shelter so that you can be sure that you are supporting a great cause for the grateful animals.

Reports say that between three and four million cats and dogs are killed gently with an injection every year in America. This is because of the inability of people to keep their pets, shelters can’t house all pets and people are not adopting animals. If we adopt these pets, we can save them from being euthanized. So, check at your local rescue leagues for a certain type of pet and remember that the best adoptions is the older and already-potty trained pet.

It is true that puppies are immediately accepted by the pets already in the home. However, you can bring new older pets to home and you just need to have good knowledge and patience. If you are not looking for a show dog or a purebred puppy to sell to pet parents, then look for an adoption from a shelter. Take a look around the fantastic work that former shelter pets are doing. These pets are rescued to continue to do good works for the military, performers, therapy animals and for the justice system.

Breeding can just help single out certain genres for some desired traits however, environment does a lot with shaping a pet. So, adopt a pet from a shelter before you buy from a breeder. There are many shelters around your local area, housing animals that are put away from home. Choose an older, wiser and already-potty trained pet for your home.


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