Reward a Pet Cat with Proper Care

Four furry cat limbs on the couch is a relaxing sight for one who comes home from work. Your pet cat’s graceful moves even enhance the tranquil atmosphere that make any space a home worth keeping. Reward your pet cat for this benefit by showering it with proper care.

furry-catCare on the Road

Trips to the veterinarian’s clinic would probably be the only scheduled travel your pet cat would make in its lifetime. Let your fur ball friend enjoy the trip by throwing its favorite cat toy or pillow in the back seat. Comfort during travel and during doctor’s visits should be part of your cat care regimen if you want to keep your eyes on the road.

Being highly territorial creatures, cats mark their territory by leaving a signature scent. When your cat sprays its urine on the wall or even the carpet then it is establishing the boundaries of its territory. Your cat’s scent is packed well in its basket so bring it along when making short trips outdoors with your pet.

Veterinary Care

A wet nose may show a generally good state of health, but your pet cat may be developing a sickness due to pests in its ears or paws. Let your veterinarian take a close look at these body parts in order to prevent any viral transmission. Make sure a cat grooming session follows the regular physical check up because this will serve as a reward for keeping a scheduled visit. When setting an appointment, inform your veterinarian that you would want trimming done on your pet cat’s hair down the paws. A warm bath during winter may be too much grooming for your pet cat, so it would be soothing to have this during summer.

Care At Home

Water. Food. Shelter. Remember your basic needs are also your pet cat’s primary needs. Put the drinking cup and feeding bowl within the proximity of your pet cat’s bed because domesticated cats have been noted to frequently take small meals. On the other hand, make sure to place the litter box behind furniture. Your pet cat would also like the privacy you enjoy in the comfort room. Perhaps, you could train your cat to use the toilet bowl. It would save you the extra space and keep cleaning confined in one area.

Exercise is one important part of any cat care program. You could marvel at how your pet cat keeps in shape by watching it scratch a pad or post. Scratching also keeps your pet cat’s nails short and just right for climbing. Put the scratch pad next to the treadmill and show your feline how to work out a sweat.

Words of Care

Studies show domesticated cats to have similar lobes in the cerebral cortex, the seat of intelligence, as humans. With patience and the correct handing of rewards, you can train your pet cat to sit, go on its hind legs, and roll over the mat. Associating words with a particular action or behavior is a recognized ability among pet cats. Try to express yourself to your cat in the same manner that you would with a two year old child. Your words would certainly not fall on deaf ears. Your cat care practices will reflect your respect for a companion that maintains the serene and relaxing ambiance of a home. You may be paying the bills, yet it is your cat that graces the air with warmth.

Author bio: Jessica is a part time blogger who love blogging about pets.

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