How to Keep Your Kitty Happy?

Cats, as you may know, are among the hardest pets to please. They are moody, emotional, detached, and sensitive. You have to keep your kitty happy if you want to have a good ownership experience. Here are some useful ways in which you can make sure your cat is satisfied.

Have Running Water Nearby

One of the best purchases you can make when you own a cat is a drinking fountain or another form of running water. Cats love running water that is cool to the touch. This is because their instincts tell them, through years of evolution, that running water is cleaner than stagnant water.

Cats are probably the thirstiest pets you will ever have – they are constantly dehydrated to some extent. Having a fountain is a great way to get your cat to drink up without complaining.

Watch Out For Panting Cats!

Dogs love to pant. It is the most normal thing in the world to see a dog with its tongue lolling out, huffing and puffing the day away. This is because dogs need to cool themselves by panting up to 300 times in a minute. If, however, you notice your cat panting, you need to get it to a vet at once. It is one of two things – a sign of extreme anxiety, which can easily be treated, or it could be a sign of serious respiratory issues.

Use Canned Food

Cat food that comes in a can has about 60% more water in it than kibble. It also has more protein and fat, all of which your cat needs to stay healthy. Cats that are elderly tend to eat canned food more readily than kibble too. Close up the kibble bar and get your kitty some canned goodies. If you don’t know what brand to get, talk to your vet first.

Pretend That You Don’t Care

One of the best ways to get your cat craving your love is to pretend that you don’t want it. It isn’t a response to being ignored like the one dogs have, though. Instead, cats find it incredibly offensive to be stared at or watched. When you avoid eye contact with your kitty, they tend to like you more simply because you aren’t being rude to them.

Get the Right Kitty Litter

There are tons of types of litter and litter boxes out there today. They have scented formula, ingredients no one can pronounce the names of, and much more. A typical cat litter box comparison takes about 50 products to compare them all. The best litter for a cat, though, is unscented clumping litter placed in a regular litter box that is kept in a nice, well-lit, clean place. Try not to use litterbox liners either – cats despise the things.

Finally, remember that a visit to the vet is highly recommended if your cat seems reticent when it comes to jumping onto things. A hesitancy to jumping is a clear sign that your cat is in a lot of pain. Make sure you keep your eye out for all this, and you will have a happy, healthy kitty in no time.

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